Loa Bass gầm ghế MBQ 8E

Mã sản phẩm: CQ 130
Hãng sản xuất: MBQ
Giá: 1,650,000 VNĐ
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Chi tiết sản phẩm:

Loa Bass gầm ghế MBQ , siêu trầm, siêu ấm, siêu chắc . Loa Bass gầm ghế xe ô tô MBQ cho chất lượng trống và Âm trầm cực hay. Lắp được cho tất cả các loại xe …

Loa bass gầm ghế MBQ 8E, siêu mỏng, chỉ có 69mm. Âm trầm cực hay.
Automotive Series Pure Performance On The Road ! Subwoofer loa siêu trầm, siêu mỏng 69mm. Max Power 160W
Model: AW-8E
Active Subwoofer – (Chính hãng)
An amazingly compact, slim designed subwoofer- MBQ AW- 800E focuses on flexibilty and functionality. The user can place the 8″ woofer either vertically or horizontally as it takes the minimum amount of space in the boot or uder the car seat. Its compact size packs overwhelming performance punch though. A quality MOSFET 200W Class D amp matched to its 8″ woofer design provides massive powerful bass, while a cabinet reinforcing die-cast heat sink is responsible for its distortion-less, top sound performance. This MBQ Active Sub is compatible with all types and makes of radio due to it acceptance RCA input or speaker level inputs.

Technical Specifications:
• Maximun Output power: 200W

• Output Impedance : 2Ohm + 2Ohm

• Frequency : 30-160Hz

• Gain and Frequencies adjustable

• Phase Switching

• RCA input signal

• Speaker (Hi-Level) Input signal for factory players which don’t come with any RCA output jack

• S/N : 91dB

• Maximum Current Consumption : 12A

• Voltage : 10.8V~14.4V

• Size : 345x240x68mm

• All wires, mount bracket including

• Weight : 5kg


Loa Bass gầm ghế MBQ 8E

Loa Bass gầm ghế MBQ 8E


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